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Old School Approach. Updated.

  • 100% opaque.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Seals the printed area of the fabric.

We use Excallibur Eco-Friendly PVC & Phthalate Free plastisol inks by Lancer. Retailers in Europe and the United States have stopped selling garments that have ‘next to skin’ imprints containing PVC and phthalates. Some large sportswear companies have gone further by banning PVC and phthalates from imprints on all of their clothing brands. Until now this has left water-based ink as the only choice for screen printers who decorate garments for the fashion industry. The ink without these two (2) toxic chemicals, leaves a soft print feel.

100% Eco-Friendly & Soft Hand Feel.

Matsui inks

  • 100% Soft hand feel.
  • Will fade moderately, giving the shirt a vintage look.
  • Does not seal the fabric, keeping you fresh in those hot summer days.
  • Does not add weight to the garment.

We use Matsui Water Base Inks Systems. It penetrates the fabric more than the plastisol inks and creates a much softer feel. Ideal for printing darker inks onto lighter colored garments. Also useful for larger print areas where the texture is important. It is also an alternative to other PVC-free plastisol ink products.

It’s like bleaching, but, it’s not.


  • Used in the fashion Industry.
  • Mostly used for background or pattern printing.
  • Favored for distress prints.

Used to print lighter colors onto dark background fabrics, they work by removing the dye in the garment and replacing it with ink – this means they leave a much softer texture. They are less graphic in nature than plastisol inks, and exact colors are difficult to control but especially good for distressed and vintage prints.

Info for foils…

The print quality of the film determines the quality of your screen.


  • Without this, you’ll be making a hand cut stencil.
  • This is not you household printer’s ink, we use 100% black dye.
  • 100% light blockage = amazing line details and halftones.

Black dye and USA Made, it’s what we use. This is the key to our great prints.

75% of screen print is preparation


  • Our exposure unit fits a 20″ x 24″ frame.
  • High Output UV Blacklight.

This is the moment where all steps prior to this one are tested. After exposure, we develop and if everything went to perfection. We start sample print for proof approval and begin production.

Education, Experience & Creativity.


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This package comes with Gildan Adult Softstyle T-Shirt.

Gildan uses a special selection of softstyle yarns to keep this shirt feeling great with every touch.